Intellectual Property

SIWAVE intellectual property right services aim at the sensors and IoT enterprises in the technology field, to effectively protect the partners' innovation achievement, at the same time, to protect partners against intellectual property infringement damage, and to ensure that the partners can gain sufficient freedom to operate.

Services Offered

  • Patent infringement analysis (Circuit / Process / Structure / Encapsulation / Layout)

  • Defense of publicly known technique

  • Patent map

  • Patent value evaluation

  • Patent and technology transfer

  • Patent strategic layout


  • Professional and comprehensive semiconductor technology analysis ability

  • Have broad and in-depth understanding of the electronic industry as a research and development platform

  • Excellent team of intellectual property rights and legal team partner

Needs Addressed

  • Intellectual property strategic planning

  • Maintain intellectual property rights benefits

  • Provide support for technology and patent merger

  • Patent pool forming and operations