Design Services Platform

The design service platform provides customized design services, including the most demanding MEMS sensors, RF devices and low-power embedded chips, to achieve cross-domain technological innovation and integration of MEMS, RF, analog and digital technologies; SOI process-based platform technology services, including process customization, model optimization, yield improvement and IP development, etc.

Design Services

  • MEMS design and implementation

  • RF design and implementation

  • SoC design and implementation

Whole Process Manufacturing Services

  • Customized process services

  • Quality and reliability services

  • Yield improvement services based on design and process

  • Custom IP development

  • Model optimization and PDK secondary development

  • Packaging and testing services

Turnkey Services

  • OEM production and supply chain management

  • Testing organizations including test development

  • Package design and qualification

  • Product performance and RMA local support