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The IoT market is experiencing the most exhilarating moment in the recent years. The maturity of technology finds greater scope and depth in application: from wearable to smart homes, from smart cities to smart logistics, from consumer goods to industry products. The realization of data acquisition and monitoring along the complete workflow accelerates the industrial upgrading. According to the latest statistics, there will be over 100 billion IoT connectivity worldwide by the year 2025. Half of the connectivity comes from industry fields, which help to increase the productivity and efficiency. Rest of them comes from consumer fields aiming to improve people’s daily life quality. 

Underneath the mass IoT connectivity and the revolutionary changes is sensing technology. Sensor, as core sensing element, is widely used in both industry and consumer fields. Nowadays, sensor technologies are evolving at an unprecedented rate. On one hand, the emerging new sensor technologies drive more and more innovation applications. The explosive of IoT market, on another hand, brings greater demand on sensor. Both factors push the fast development of the whole sensor industry.  

SENSOR CHINA is one of the top professional industry exchange platforms. Our core task is to help building sensor industry ecosystem in China and accelerate the industry development through cooperating with global industry partners and leading enterprise across the industry chain.

Shanghai lies at the heart of the Yangtze River and has not only major logistical advantages but is also well known as the hub of high tech manufacturing and leadership in economic innovation. Now, Shanghai accelerates the construction of the world's leading sensor and IoT industry ecosystem, leading China to stay in the spotlight on world’s IoT stage. 

SENSOR CHINA 2019 will still be held in Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing lying in the heart of downtown Shanghai. It provides plentiful exhibition and convention hall spaces with advanced equipment, facilities and the services and was a new jewel within Shanghai as a first-class venue for conferences and events.